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Our Commercial Brokerage Services are the most comprehensive in the area, consisting of two primary components: sales and leases.


We help investors and business owners set themselves up for financial success through the acquisition and disposition of properties.

Finding a commercial property to rent can be a challenge for many business owners. Competition, location, pricing, and other factors play a role in a company’s ability to find the right property at the right price. On the other side of the leasing pipeline, commercial property owners can find it challenging to obtain tenants to occupy their commercial units—a serious impediment to ROI.

The Rants Group’s Commercial Leasing services work to provide both business owners and investors with optimum leasing situations.

For our business owner clients, we first take time to understand their needs and budget and conduct industry-leading research to make recommendations on location based on target and market demographics. From this research, we provide clients with a list of potential properties, tour them, and facilitate the entire leasing process so business owners can move in and get to work.

For our investor clients, we use our strong connections and marketing methods to provide advanced and accurate local market intelligence, enabling our clients to establish community relationships and positive name recognition of the property. With a variety of marketing channels, connections, and unmatched expertise, we are able to help our clients achieve maximum.

We help investors and business owners set themselves up for financial success through the acquisition and disposition of properties.


  1. Use sophisticated formulas to determine the estimated market value.
  2. Identify potential buyers and craft a tailored, dynamic marketing strategy.
  3. Negotiate the sale terms on behalf of the seller.
  4. Manage the escrow process upon the sale agreement.
  5. Work with title and escrow company upon closing to ensure a streamlined process.
  6. Transfer keys and other property to the new buyer after closing.


  1. Determine what type of investment property most closely matches the buyer’s investment goals.
  2. Use connections and various marketing platforms to identify potential properties.
  3. Craft a strategy to obtain the best possible deal for the buyer.
  4. Negotiate on the buyer’s behalf until a deal is reached.
  5. Help the buyer complete the inspection/feasibility process.
  6. Review the incoming financial statements and inspection/feasibility findings for potential errors or deficiencies and, if applicable, further negotiate on the buyer’s behalf.
  7. Ensure the buyer has obtained all the keys, contracts, and other items for a seamless transition in ownership.

We are also experts in the buying and selling of owner-occupied commercial properties. The selling of these properties is essentially the same as the investor selling process listed above. For the purchasing of owner-occupied commercial properties, The Rants Group performs the following additional steps:

  1. Run a detailed financial analysis of the long-term financial benefits and obligations of the purchase.
  2. Help the business owner identify the right size and price of the property.
  3. Represent the business owner and help them navigate the various lending options.
  4. Locate and tour properties that meet their various criteria.
  5. Create and implement a strategy to acquire the selected property for the best price.

The final steps of the process are similar to those listed above under investor buying.


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