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Managing all aspects of the buying, selling, and leasing of residential investment properties.

Our residential brokerage services are comprehensive and solely focused on streamlining and managing all aspects of the buying, selling, and leasing of residential investment properties.

Everyone needs a place to live, and with an increasing number of young people preferring to rent rather than own, investing in residential properties can be a lucrative and stable way to grow and preserve wealth.

Whether looking for an asset with existing stabilized cash flows or a “value-add” opportunity, The Rants Group helps many of our investor clients identify acquisition opportunities tailored to their specific portfolio goals.

An investment is only as good as its tenants, and finding quality residents to achieve high occupancy rates is our #1 priority. Our dedicated residential brokers find the most effective places to advertise vacancies and attract the best clients. Our residential team always shows each unit personally, affording them the opportunity to highlight all the things that set your property apart from the competition. Once a prospective tenant expresses interest, we put them through a rigorous credit, criminal, and background check process that weeds out all but the most qualified.

Personal attention to each vacancy ensures maximum interest and the best possible rental rates for each of our investment properties. That’s what makes us unique.

The following is a typical sequence of services we offer investors looking to sell or buy residential investment properties:

  1. Initiate an in-depth discussion about the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and preferred product type.
  2. Determine the property type (single or multi-family, new construction or existing, and geographic preferences) best suited and work to identify investment opportunities that are the best match for each client.
  3. Review current financials or Pro-forma projections of future cash flows.
  4. Aggressively negotiate on behalf of our clients to get the best possible deal for the right investment.
  5. Guide clients through the inspection and review process, help secure appropriate financing, and make sure the closing process goes smoothly so they can start earning passive income from day one.

Let’s work together. Contact us to get started.