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The Rants Group Celebrates 50 Years of Real Estate and Property Management in Thurston County

By Heather Leigh Dyson

The Rants Group has been family-owned and operated from the start, now with 3 generations of support. Pictured from left: Pat Rants, Danielle Rants, Ron Rants. 

Since 1973, The Rants Group has been proudly serving Thurston County in property management as well as commercial and investment real estate. Founded by Ron Rants, this local real estate office set out with a mission to support every need for residents and business owners getting started and growing in our communities. His legacy has carried on through his son, President and CEO Pat Rants, and his granddaughter, Vice President Danielle Rants, who continue to uphold the same values of service, family and community. They are both excited to reach this milestone and are looking brightly toward the future as their brokerage continues to prosper.

The Rants Group Expands Throughout the Years

Port of Olympia in 1974, one year after Ron founded Evergreen Olympic Properties.

Ron Rants was determined to intertwine real estate and community when he founded what was originally known as Evergreen Olympic Properties in 1973. He partnered with a local real estate brokerage working to bring an exceptional experience to individuals investing in residential real estate. Ron quickly became equally invested back into the community he served, and was even elected as the City of Olympia Finance Commissioner in 1977. His service and dedication to the cities he loved led Evergreen Olympic Properties to become the first commercial-focused real estate company in Thurston County where they supported and managed some of the area’s most well-known properties such as Evergreen Park Apartments and Tumwater Square.

In 1988, his son Pat joined the team and furthered Ron’s reach and vision into new parts of the community. Just one year later, Pat and Ron were able to buy out their partners and rebrand as The Rants Group, establishing themselves as a family-owned and community-oriented brokerage with a strong history of success in property management and real estate. From there, Ron and Pat worked diligently together to grow their brokerage while keeping aligned with their original vision of staying local. During the 90s, they supported the development of many impactful properties, including 6th Avenue Center, the Ensign Medical Center, the Market Place Building, and the Limited Lane Office Park.

After serving many committed and passionate years in the community, Ron transferred leadership to Pat. In 2005, Pat officially took over as President and CEO, and 8 years later, his own daughter Danielle joined the team. In 2020, she was promoted to Vice President and has continued to serve in the same capacity of passion and community that her father and grandfather before her have. Together, this family of real estate brokers has built an impressive portfolio that showcases how much they have supported real estate development, residents, and business owners alike throughout the years.

Pat joined the team in 1988, carrying on his father’s vision while working side by side. 

The Rants Group Looks Toward the Future

Thanks to a strong foundation, The Rants Group has been able to reach this amazing milestone of 50 years of service in the community they love. “It is a testament to the stability and integrity of our company,” shares Danielle. “Growing up I would visit my dad at the office, and now we come to work together. We are really lucky to have such a good family relationship.” The Rants Group is continuing to grow and evolve with the times to support their community as Danielle seeks out new ways to bring in technology to modernize and streamline the real estate experience for each of their clients. Even as a local brokerage, their team stands out with national designations that really set them apart as experts in the world of real estate.

The Rants Group continues to boast an exceptional portfolio, with over 2/3 in property management. 

Their property management portfolio is comprised of 450 residential units, 62 commercial properties, , and more, spread primarily across Thurston County. Their development efforts over the last 50 years have included 40 projects in the community, making them a leader in medical, retail, and industrial development across Thurston County. Looking forward, Danielle is eager to continue to grow these numbers and support even more real estate efforts in commercial and investment sales as well as property management. “We want to keep doing more of what we do now but on a bigger scale,” she explains. “We have a great team that is always growing so that each of our clients can always count on that direct relationship and trust that we are here to serve them.”

For Danielle, it has been an honor to carry on her grandfather’s legacy every day, and she is eager to work alongside her dad to see what other milestones they can accomplish together. Their mentorship and support have made joining the family business a dream come true. “It feels really good that I can step into such a well-respected company and continue what they have started,” Danielle shares. “None of this would be possible without our amazing clients and employees who have stuck with us for so long. We look forward to continuing our relationship with all of you!”

The Rants Group was the first brokerage in Thurston County to focus on commercial real estate, and is still going strong today.

All of Your Real Estate Needs Supported by The Rants Group

With 50 years behind them and many more to come, The Rants Group has the experience and roots to help with any real estate need here in Thurston County. Whether you need help managing tenants for your condos or are a new business owner looking to lease the perfect storefront, the team at The Rants Group is ready to lend their expertise to get you exactly what you need. With a strong legacy in the community and a team that really cares about the one-on-one experience, you can trust that you will always have someone to turn to along the way. Visit The Rants Group website to learn more.

Source: ThurstonTalk

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