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The Rants Group’s Newest Employee Brings Multi-State Corporate Experience to Her Role

In her previous work in Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota, Jeri Snyder managed residential and commercial real estate projects, but not at the same time. Now that she’s joined The Rants Group, that will change. “Previously it was one or the other,” says Snyder. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to do both.” Snyder’s new role at the company is a mouthful and reflects her multiple responsibilities: Commercial and Leasing Sales Broker, Residential Rental Broker and Property Manager.

eri Snyder worked in commercial and residential real estate in Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota before joining The Rants Group.

The Rants Group is expanding on several fronts, including property management, leasing and sales, according to President and CEO Pat Rants, and Snyder is part of that expansion. “It’s been a busy year and we needed to spread the work out a bit,” he explains. “At the same time, we’re replacing some staff members who left recently. Typically, it takes several years for someone to get trained but having someone like Jeri who has done this before allows her to become productive much faster.”

The company is still sorting out specific assignments but already, Snyder has taken on one residential property owner with a large portfolio who continues to add more locations. “He’s my primary focus, and then I’ve got a couple of commercial properties that I’ll be managing as well,” she says.

This approach eases Snyder into the company while expanding her knowledge and experience base. She can get up to speed with real estate norms in Washington State while working with the residential client and preparing to work with commercial properties. “We like to give all of our property managers a broad range of experience, so they’re not pigeonholed into just one thing,” says Pat. “It stretches people and makes them better managers and better advocates for their clients in the long run.”

Snyder will be managing both commercial and residential properties in her new role

Such opportunities to grow, along with company culture, make The Rants Group a good fit, Snyder maintains. She appreciates the family-run nature of the business as well as the close-knit staff and looks forward to using her experience and skills. “I have a corporate background of streamlining processes and looking at why things are done the way they are,” she says. “I’ll be able to contribute that perspective and I’m excited about working with this team.”

Danielle Rants, vice president, commercial leasing and sales broker and property manager, sees the value in bringing in someone with experience in other states and different management styles. “We’re a family-run company and for 50 years we’ve been doing a lot of the same things,” she observes. “I haven’t seen anything else because I’ve grown up here, so learning how other companies are doing things helps us improve our processes.”

Pat Rants agrees, pointing out that during every interview, the recruiting team asks potential hires what they see in the company and how things could be done better. “Every new employee that’s coming to us has brought an improvement in how we do things,” he says.

Snyder joins a team of established brokers who have been with the company for years and are both skillful and competent. The combination makes a strong team, Pat maintains, especially when the new hire already has both experience and training. He’s been impressed with Snyder’s performance since she began in her new role. “Because of the labor market, hiring can be kind of hurried and you don’t have as much time to talk to people,” he says. “Her technical skills are solid and better than what I was hoping for.”

One of her first clients with the company has an extensive portfolio of residential properties.

On her end, Snyder is learning about residential and commercial property laws in Washington State, which differ from the other states where she has worked. With a little support from her new colleagues, she’s also exploring the Puget Sound region and the opportunities it affords for hiking, camping, fishing as well as indoor activities like yoga. It’s a change from her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.

“I’m excited that what I do helps me get familiar with everything Olympia has to offer,” she says. “The people I work with have been really helpful with ideas and suggestions. This is a permanent move for me and I’m looking forward to getting more involved here.”

Learn more by visiting the Rants Group website or calling 360.943.8060.

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